Chief Executive Officer and Trustee of InterRent REIT and President and CEO of CLV Group.

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    Mike McGahan is the Chief Executive Officer and Trustee of InterRent REIT and President and CEO of CLV Group. Before CLV Group and InterRent, Mike gained experience at Regional Realty and at Levinson-Viner Ltd. In 1992, he branched out on his own to create Commvesco Property Management Inc., where he would continue to build a reputation of trust and integrity with his clients. Commvesco Property Management Inc. would eventually merge with Levinson-Viner Ltd. to create what we know today as CLV Group.


    Over the course of his career, Mike McGahan has successfully bought, sold, financed and managed more than $3 billion worth of properties. In addition, he has been responsible for organizing many co-tenancies in the multi-residential class that have garnered huge returns.


    Giving back to the community through charity has also always been an integral part of Mike’s life. This began through the influence of many people, like the late Ron Kolbus and Jacie Levinson, who throughout their lives showed dedication and commitment to bettering their communities. Mike’s passion for giving back to the community found its way into the cultural fabric of CLV Group and InterRent and remains an important value of the companies today.


    The team at CLV Group and InterRent REIT have been involved with many local and national charities such as The Boys and Girls Club, Snowsuit Fund, Dragon Boat Foundation, Hope Volleyball, Youth Services Bureau, Habitat for Humanity, and Christie Lake Kids, to name just a few. Through their efforts, they have also raised funds that have helped with facility upgrades and introduced additional after-school programming for children at the Don McGahan Clubhouse, named after Mike’s late father - a former high school principal - located in Ottawa’s east end, and the Ron Kolbus Clubhouse in Ottawa’s west end.


    Mike McGahan remains an active part of the Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s board as their Director. Mike and his teams at CLV Group and InterRent will continue to demonstrate their commitment to bettering communities and hopefully inspire others to give back along the way.